continuous and fasts development in the fields of science require recruiting experienced and competent faculty members. In line with this, the deputy trains and equips new recruits in order to raise the quality of higher education, establish new majors according to needs assessment, provide constructive curricular planning so that it paves the way to develop the quality of education in IAUCTB

Dr. Shabanali Safari saber

Manager of deputy of education

Mission :

Educating competent and dedicated new generation

Objectives :

1.Developing IAUCTB Into an authentic international educational center
2. Creating a dynamic center for learning by establishing efficient infrastructure. Providing sufficient facilities for students and faculty members.
3. Providing efficiency and practical educational system and raising the quality of services in all respects.
4. providing an opportunity for everyone to continue education
Main values :

1. Celebrating Islamic values
2. Rule governed, disciplined, responsible, responsive
3. Science oriented, orchestrating higher quality, entrepreneurship, theory based , creative
4. Presenting IAUCTB In international conferences by training competent graduates.